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28 July 2008 @ 08:24 pm
Woah! I so need to be more active here! Things are finally calming down! So with that said...

Taking 5 Text Only Icons

Hex Codes only!
Don't give me a mile long line of text!
Comment when picked up.
Manners Please.


Please remember to keep it Military Related!

Interested in Paid Requests? Shoot me an email at dani.kissies@gmail.com or check out my site with my SUPER specials HERE
20 February 2008 @ 10:33 pm
Hey guys! Although there are already a few makers working in this community, I know we all have lives. At the same time, I'd like for this community to be a bit more active than it is, and unfortunately, the rest of us can't pull that off like we'd like.

So with that being said, is anyone here interested in becoming a maker? We're pretty picky about the graphics that come out of this community so not all applications will be accepted, but we're looking for varying styles/talents to work for us!

If you're interested, please fill out the following application and post it as a comment. All comments are screened, so no worries! We'll confer (the mods, that is) as to who we think would best fit with the community as a maker and get back to you before this time next week.

Sound good?


Now, by submitting an application for approval you're agreeing to the fact that you'll be active in the community as a maker. We definitely understand you have a life (we do too!) and that's cool - we don't expect you to be as active as we are, but every little bit helps!
04 December 2007 @ 11:52 pm
I know I'm late with these, but life was really busy this weekend, and I didn't get to crack open PSP until tonight.

Anyway, Here are the banner pickups for violette_vision, illiana_galean, amberghini, faerie86, tomthemodel and cyndi79 behind the cut.


I am dreaming tonight of the place I love...Collapse )
23 November 2007 @ 02:48 pm
Since today is 'Black Friday,' I'm getting a JUMP on the Christmas offers...

^^Click to see full size^^

Going to take UNLIMITED until NOVEMBER 30, 2007 (That's a week.) Pickups will be posted sometime DECEMBER 1ST.

Rules & formCollapse )
22 October 2007 @ 05:59 pm
Hi All! My name is Becky, and I'm a guest maker here. I'm dating a former Army Sergeant and I have an adoptive 5 year old (who lives with her birthfather) and a 10 month old daughter.

I hope you enjoy these icons.

If we let people see that kind of thing, there would never again be any warCollapse )